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Where we stand

dimanche 20 décembre 2009

Where we stand and ... what we don’t want more

December 14, 2009, by Robert Paris, Levi Tiekoura Hamed

"The workers have no country. (...) Abolish the exploitation of man by man, and you eliminate the exploitation of one nation by another nation. (...) The ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of all countries, unite !"

Karl Marx (1848),
The Communist Manifesto

"We like to assign the final abolition of the state, that is to say of any organized and systematic violence, any violence against men in general. We do not expect the advent of a social order in which the principle of subordination of the minority to the majority would not be observed. But aspiring to socialism, we are convinced that in its evolution it will lead to communism and that, consequently, disappear any need to resort to general violence against men, any need for the submission of a man in another part of the population to another, as men become accustomed to observing the elementary conditions of social life without violence and no bid. "

Lénin The State and Revolution (1917),

"Understand clearly the social nature of modern society, its government, its law, its ideology is the theoretical foundation of revolutionary politics. The middle class works through abstraction ( "nation", "fatherland", "democracy") to hide the exploitation that is the basis of his rule. (…) The first act of revolutionary politics is to unmask the bourgeois fictions which poison the masses. These fictions are particularly harmful when they amalgamated with the ideas of socialism and revolution. Today more than at any time, they are the manufacturers of this kind of amalgam that set the tone in the French labor organizations. "

Leon Trotsky in "La France at a crossroads" (March 28, 1936)

In contrast to all political leaders, religious leaders, military leaders and other demagogues who want to conceal their engagement with the exploiting class and system operating under a deceptive verbiage, we do not claim neutrality ever, the alleged objectivity equal points of view, the false pretense of finding common ground between class, oppressed and oppressors, who have diametrically opposed interests. The class we are calling is that of the oppressed, that is to say, workers, employees, workers in cities and fields, including the unemployed, small jobs, housewives, young people revolted by the system . We call them the proletariat. This, we believe the class that has to replace the head of the world capitalist class whose reign was ended. Clarity and courage, is where are the bold class.




What we want :

— Instruct ourselves upon the struggles of the past so that those fighting for the oppressed have not held unnecessarily and that those of tomorrow do not fall into the same traps and make the same mistakes. Our study of history has nothing to do with school training. We believe that these struggles are ours even if they did not take place in "our" country or in our time : whether the workers of the Paris Commune in 1871, Russian revolutionary workers of 1917 , Chinese workers of 1925-27, or, more recently, of Algerian workers in 1945, the Vietnamese workers in 1946, workers in Madagascar in 1947, the "sticks of god" Africa 1947, the Bolivian Workers 1952, Hungarian workers in 1956, black Americans of 1964, workers of Czechoslovakia in 1968, workers in Chile in 1973, workers from Lebanon in 1975, of the 1979 Iranian workers, etc., etc. ... This past revolutionary struggles of the working class and all working class must illuminate our path. The working class lives and fights every day and these struggles are not minimize, but do not erase the lightning impressive are the revolutionary uprisings of the masses, but very few episodes illuminating the capacity of the oppressed.

— To develop understanding of the causes of oppression facing the world and the situation increasingly present catastrophic for the masses.

— Making clear that the primary basis for the maintenance of oppression in all its forms and in all regions of the world is the division between a class of exploiters with all means of production and all capital and class operated n ’ possessing none, the exploiters stranglehold on the entire political power and the states (army, police, judiciary, government, administration, diplomacy, parliaments, etc.). Finally, the stranglehold of the bourgeoisie richer throughout the world through economic, financial, political and military imperialism.

— Support all efforts to advance the consciousness of the exploited and all those who consider themselves in their camp against exploitation and in particular a sense of common interests and their ability to lead the world tomorrow. This consciousness requires struggle against all forms of division, contempt, rejection, whether based on sex, nationality, region, ethnicity, religion, origin, race, skin color , age ...

— Ensure that the struggle of oppressed and exploited leads to success and enable them to gain confidence in their ability to unite, organize, and tomorrow, to define a new basis for society in the head by themselves.

— Fighting the illusions reformers who seek to believe in the possibility of improving the world today without radical change in which the oppressed remove power from the ruling class to take themselves in hand.

— Deny all fatalistic ideology that man is made to suffer on earth and the ruling class is made to dominate the oppressed class made to be exploited, and also all the social fatalism whereby the exploited are unable to find direct society.

— Challenge the misconception that the capitalist world is the only possible world and claiming that the collapse of Stalinism has demonstrated the inability of communist power of workers. Recall and Stalinism has not developed against capitalism, but rather on the basis of the failure of revolutionary and daring attempt of Russian and European workers in 1917-1920.

— Allowing workers, youth, all those who stand alongside the revolution of accessing knowledge essential to the revolution on all fronts : political, social, economic, philosophical and scientific.

— Helping to build organizations of workers and communist revolutionaries, who are grouped together to lead the fight in the world who give themselves a target by the end of the final operating system worldwide, and its replacement by a society based on meeting the needs of individuals and groups of people.

— Making clear that the socialist and communist goals have nothing to do with anti-caricatures that are working and what have been left Social Democrats and Stalinists and schemes they run and run.

— Make sure that during their current struggles, even those with a scale and limited objectives, the exploited workers, the proletarians and youth gain maximum awareness of the needs of society and their ability to s organize to achieve their goals. Learn struggles requires that the exploited and youth organize themselves what most union bureaucracies and political leaderships do not wish, wishing to maintain control over their movements.

— Seek to ensure that workers are more aware that the class struggle is the motor of history of human society and they should not fear to defend class interests as the interests of oppressed joined interests all humanity. Educate workers about their duties to the release of all of mankind requires that class consciousness is detached from the magma that is the view : spirit of "citizen," national consciousness, ethnic, cultural traditions, interests corporate, regional designs, etc. ...

— Working in the purpose that workers are educated in the role of the bourgeois state to serve the ruling class. Even when the state seems to follow some rules of democracy, it is nothing but a tool of war to serve the ruling class and against the exploited. The democratization of the state can only be a deception. The existence of elections, their so-called transparency, voting generally does not change one fundamental fact : as economic power is for some people of one ruling class, as workers are not organized to make decisions, no state power can not be anything but a mode of political domination of the ruling class. The objective of any radical struggle of the oppressed must be clear and complete final destruction of the bourgeois state and particularly its army, its police, its justice, its assemblies bourgeois administration. The state that will establish the workers, the proletariat with the poor have nothing to do with the old bourgeois state.

— Ensure that workers are aware that the horrors of wars, civil wars, ethnic or religious conflicts are directly due to the fact that leaders of bourgeois and petty-bourgeois took the head of discontent among the masses. It is for workers to take the head of all social classes and oppressed because they alone are capable of giving direction to the fight to the foundation of a society which will be permanently banned exploitation of man by man.

— Act so that workers generate within themselves training of activists and leaders who can provide this guidance to their fight and to lead to victory in learning things carefully laws and social policies. These activists will seek to form an organization that does not seek to defend its own interests groups but the general interests of the oppressed. It does not take a place in the existing social order. It does not seek to replace existing governments with men in it. It aims to overthrow the workers themselves of all social and political order. It is therefore very different from most political organizations and unions who want to gain positions in today’s society.

— Ensure that workers do not let politicians deceive bourgeois professionals taking a language left by demagogues, military or religious radicals apparently. They should not give any confidence to those who argue that workers should not organize themselves under the pretext of not splitting the fight. They should not give their trust to those who claim to be able to improve the situation without the intervention of workers through mass struggle.

— Act to ensure that workers and young people are aware that their fight goes beyond national borders and the struggles of their brethren from the rest of the world are part of the same struggle as theirs. Those who tell them that their struggle is national, that all nationals are their brothers, they should not study the struggles of other countries because it would not be the same situation are false brethren. We can not win that knocking capitalism and imperialism and it is possible and internationally. This is essential if we do not fall into the trap of nationalism, the illusions of independence, the deceptions of those reformism and Stalinism. Within national borders, it is not possible to build a fairer society than capitalism. The crisis of capitalism does recall that it is the world that is the problem and it is this scale that must be solved. The only class that exists around the world who can unite the international level, the working class, the unemployed and the oppressed. It is necessary that during the fight, she took power in destroying the power of ruling classes. For this, it will destroy all the agencies that the ruling classes were set up to oppress the majority of the population and, in particular, it must disarm the ruling classes, in depriving the officers control over the soldiers. Power to the workers is essential to remove those who exploited their ability to kill, and then submit the plan to keep operating.

— Knowing that capitalist society has reached a limit that can not cross, it is incapable of reforming itself and that workers will end this system to free the oppressed. When history comes to a point where the oppressors themselves no longer see how to run the company sometimes what happened in 1789 in France : the social revolution and the overthrow of the former ruling class. It is the only way to overcome the current crisis by ensuring that humanity continues to move forward.

— Publicize the ideas genuinely socialist and communist activists that some have defended throughout their existence as the revolutionary Auguste Blanqui, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg and Leon Trotsky. Highlight their struggle and study their writings do not mean, as opposed to the Stalinist or Maoist ideology to make a religious type but study the world scientifically to understand and transform. We do not disown the revolutionary ideas under the pretext that they are old, but we do not consider the biblical and we do not consider the old revolutionary leaders as prophets.

— Building an organization capable of giving a proletarian perspective on situations, to intervene in strikes and social movements, giving them a class character, not unlike corporatist what are now the unions of help workers to develop forms of independent organization of workers must remain a central concern of revolutionary militants. Indeed, we have no interest in defending shop, or to develop a closed-minded group, but only group of workers and young people on my basic ideas communists, revolutionaries and internationalists ! The shop competition between different groups of extreme left existing remains one of the hurdles. But the main obstacle remains the lack of revolutionary audacity of these groups who prefer the illusion of support workers or the public, fearing it isolated, instead of being the mouthpiece of a proletarian revolutionary yet but a minority has a clear perspective to offer. Of course, the debate with activists from these groups should continue, but the discrepancy on the role of organizations and the capacity of the working class is fundamental.


— that the oppressed have confidence in their own strength and their ability to lead the company

— that workers and all exploited lead a socialist revolution to end the dictatorship of the capitalist world

— that the socialist revolution triumphs over barbarism of capitalism and leads to power workers


  • Where We Stand

    The world we live in today has enormous possibilities — the potential to open up the most challenging epoch of humanity’s existence. We have the prospect of living in a conscious fashion, using all the advances of human knowledge and engaging the creative potential of each person on the planet. Instead we see the world moving in the opposite direction — increasingly ruled by prejudice and fear, a world of widespread violence and war, where exploitation and oppression are the rule, with the many dominated by the few.

    The Force For Change Exists Today

    Everywhere, working people’s labor makes society run. The exploitation of labor is what generates profits, which are at the heart of capitalism. Working people have the power to bring this system to a halt and bring about the changes needed to transform our lives. Like slavery, feudalism and other systems that enriched the minority at the expense of the majority, capitalism’s removal is long over due. The time for socialism has come.

    We Stand For Socialism

    A world based on peaceful collaboration and international cooperation of working class people — not the exploiters who rule today.

    The common ownership and sharing of the world’s resources and productive capacity under the democratic control of the world’s peoples.

    An egalitarian and democratic government, organized and controlled from the bottom up, which facilitates people’s active participation in making decisions about how society is run.

    Protection of the world’s ecological systems, putting science to work to sustain life, not destroy it.

    A society where human relations are based on respect, equality and dignity of all peoples, not racism, sexism or homophobia.

    Our Political Heritage

    We base ourselves on the ideas and actions of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, on the model of the Russian Revolution of 1917 when the working class showed its capacity to take over and exert its power, and on the revolutionary ideas of the Fourth International in its struggles against Stalinism.

    We Must Go Beyond Reforms

    We support the struggles of those who are fighting against the oppression of capitalism, even if the goals of those struggles are not aimed at replacing the capitalist order. We support the right of people to determine how they will live and to throw off the forces of imperialism — be it the domination of the corporations, the World Bank, the IMF, military forces or other agents of imperialism. We support the fight against racial and sexual discrimination. We fight against attacks on the standard of living of working people — wage and benefit cuts, attacks on health care, education, housing and other basic rights.
    Socialism cannot come through a modification of the existing system. It is not replacing corrupt politicians or union officials with those who are more honest or who are willing to see more of society’s resources shared with the poor. It is not getting better contracts or laws. These systems based on privilege and exploitation must be removed and replaced by one that can guarantee the reorganization of society for the benefit of all.

    What Is Needed To Bring This Change About ?

    It will take a massive social struggle, a revolution, by the majority, the workers and poor of the world, with the working class at its head, taking power in its name and reorganizing society.

    It will take the construction of an international revolutionary leadership actively engaged in these struggles.

    It will take the development of a party, based in the working class, in the U.S., the richest country of the world, as part of this international leadership. The fate of the world depends on building such an organization, though today it is represented only by individuals or small groups, scattered and marginalized, who share those goals.
    The decisions made by a few individuals today, who are ready to start acting on these ideas and who are willing to collaborate with other groups who agree with this program and who are ready to work to implement it, could play a role in determining the future of the world.

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